Dedicated to Paulius Normantas
RIP (1948-2017)

”It’s better shitty beginning of the day than ending” – mine proverb says. I was standing in the middle of Nowhere, near the yacht marina and I didn’t felt the New Years spirit at that moment in time. There was no family, no joyful crowd around me, no fireworks ( actually I don’t give a shit about it), just few fellas travellers. That’s how I met 2016 in LA. The City of Angels where millions want to get to.
But my heart was broken when I was leaving Venice Beach, where once upon a time ”The Doors” was born. Then I travelled to one of the most amazing places on the Earth – The Grand Canyon. I felt the endless beauty of the nature, so my friends America is not just skyscrapers and big cars. I am Lithuanian ( actually Samogitian) so I visited biggest Lithuanian city out of Lithuania. No it’s not a holy city a la Mecca, but definitely you heard about Al Capone and Michael Jordan. Yes it’s Chicago! I walked through the streets of this concrete jungle and thought about our national heroes, who flew across the Atlantic Ocean third in the history and died near entryway of Lithuania. I remembered common people who worked and died in Chicago slaughterhouses. I highly recommend to read classical American book written by Upton Sinclair ”The Jungle” about it.
The Road brought me to another wonder of the nature – Niagara Falls. Where, you will agree with me, one of the greatest scientists – Nicola Tesla worked. So if you will be there, my advice is get the permit (or visa) to go to Canada. I didn’t had it 🙁 The waterfall is in the USA, but the View is in Canada.
I ended my USA Trip, where I started in the Big Apple. On that amazing journey from North to South, from East to West I visited many (OK, not so so many) cities. I met a lot of wonderful people and just one villager idiot. I broke the stereotypes about Americans in my head.
Back in Europe I felt that I get ”travelsickness” something like Stendhal Syndrome known also as Florence Syndrome. Back to Reality. You know how hard it’s. Months was passing. And in May as usual I visited my Homeland to see my homies. After I went to Wales for me it’s a Second Samogitia. So Summer gone and I spent it in Londinium (settlement established by ancient Romans). I felt a bit guilty, that I didn’t get out from there.
But Autumn brought for me new surprises. My old fella Captain (for public known as J.B) invited me to attend an international training course in Romania. Frankly speaking Romania wasn’t on my most wanted to visit countries list. Definitely not a small ”village” – Mercurea Ciuck. Wtf where is it situated? And there I met International gang of amazing people, who supported and inspired me. They encourage me to make changes. And I started to do it. It’s slowly, but I am on my Way. You know Charles Bukowski was stuck for many years in Post Office, when he made final decision. So for everyone it’s own time to get out. The Idea of Transenglish was born in Transylvania. Transenglish is English language conversations by two or more people (for whom English is not mother tongue) and it creates curiosity situations.
After I went to another project in Armenia (thanks again to the Captain) which also wasn’t on my travels map. And there again I met another bunch of intelligent people, who became good friends of mine. I introduced them to Transenglish and we was developing it 🙂 First time in my life I was so close to Asia (actually I saw and heard it). I met inspiring people like ”Oh My Guide”. And the man from North experienced what is Armenian hospitality.
Less than in month I came back to Caucasus for the second time it was Sunny Georgia as people call it. I got some adventures there. So my advice for everybody is do homework before you going to a foreign country. And of course I had chance to feel Transenglish again – ”waterfloor”(waterfall). Thanks to my Georgian friends for warm welcome.
I started year of 2016 like a Beardy Man and ended it with a Babe Face :)From Sunny Cali to Sunny Georgia was my way. It was one of the best years in my Life – Green Monkey’s Year for me (Chinese called it in their way). Sometimes it was like a roller coaster. Yes, I visited many places – beautiful cities and incredible corners of the nature, but most important thing:
THAT I MET A LOT OF INSPIRING PEOPLE FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Who inspired me to travel more, share my knowledge, change attitude to many things, to follow my dreams!!! Thank You guys! Ačiū!!!

So give me a shout my amigos when you will be in Londondinium, I WILL BE YOUR GUIDE 🙂 VIVA LA TR@NSENGLISH!!!


P.S. Paulius Normantas was the Lithuanian – Samogitian traveller, photographer, just great guy, who passed away on 7th of January this year. My Grandma was taking care about him when he was a kid. And when I was a kid I said that I will be a traveller like him.